Responsive design web site development company in pondicherry south india

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an approach to have one websiete but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes. Having a responsive website optimised for mobile web increases conversion rates and overall traffic.
Whether you want a basic website with a few pages or you want an overwhelming online presence, Novkell can help! With a repertoire of high-performing, dynamic and static websites in our kitty, we can provide you with a unique website that ensures online visibility.

Responsive Web Designs That Really Work!

With Novkell, a feature-rich, cost-effective website that really boosts your ROI becomes a distinct possibility. We gauge your requirement, studying details like current traffic, estimated traffic and marketing needs to present you with a tailor-made website that performs.
Our team jumps in from the conceptualization stage where you will be provided with a wireframe, storyboard and navigational structure. Then, we go on to develop, implement, test and enhance your unique website, ensuring we stay on board till you get the desired result.
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Novkell's Responsive Web Design Services

User interface

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Web template

Corporate, e-commerce, industry based web template designs
Website Redesign, CMS Websites,
Blog Templates / Themes


SEM (Search engine marketing)

Design/HTML, adwords, adsense, pay per click, organic key word purchasing

Website Maintenance And Enhancement

Improving websites that have been in use

Advantages Of Novkell's Responsive Web Design Services

Our designs are SEO-friendly.
Our websites are flexible, scalable, and accessible.
We integrate web analytics tools, allowing you to monitor traffic and take concrete steps to increase conversion rates.
We take great efforts to ensure seamless navigation and attractive design to keep visitors on your web page till they take the desired action.
We design your website interface keeping in mind the best practices, user behaviour patterns, and past trends.
We know that cookie-cutter solutions don't work. Your needs are always unique and we go the extra mile to present our clients with a customized website interface.
We track results on an ongoing basis and take requisite steps to enhance performance.
We test the website's performance under different conditions, platforms and scenarios to ensure visitor satisfaction. Our quality assurance processes make your website totally user friendly